Website Maintenance and Development Services

Website management and support so you can focus on your business goals.

Tech Networks of Boston works with you to understand your business needs, listen to your ideas, and propose solutions to maximize your online presence.  We help clients articulate their goals and form a strategy for their branding, website and other marketing materials. 

Update, maintain and secure your website with responsive service from Tech Networks of Boston.

Our services include:
  • Search engine optimization (SEO), Google Ads for Nonprofits
  • User testing
  • Website development and redesign
  • Logos and branding
  • Website maintenance and hosting
  • Database integration
  • Website security including HTTPS migrations

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Search Engine Optimization

Content is king. It’s important to have rich content on your special subject-matter.  However, in addition to great content, you need to implement a number of specific SEO techniques to crack page one of Google or Bing search results.
We can analyze your market and discuss realistic goals for search traffic and develop a plan for reaching these goals. We can also assist with keyword development, SEO-friendly headlines, inbound linking, and strategy for Google Ads, including Google Ad Grants for Nonprofits.  


Web Development

Our team can find creative, efficient, and elegant ways to solve your business puzzles, whether they be internal, external, or unforeseen. We can build your website with the functionality you desire, such as event calendars, document libraries, photo gallery, twitter widgets, shopping carts, contact forms, email signups, and much more.  
We specialize in WordPress but have experience with a wide range of software.


Maintenance and Security

Is your website protected and secure? HTTPS is now the standard for websites and protects the privacy and security of your visitors. Google now displays a 'Not Secure' message in the URL bar, and this can detract visitors, supporters, donors, and volunteers from visiting your site. 
We also offer website maintenance services as monthly support option to ensure your back-end is up to date with the latest plugins, speed enhancements, and security updates. If you aren't delegating someone to spend a few hours each month updating your site, you can face website downtime, security breaches, or slow page loads.

Kalman Gacs is our web services partner at Tech Networks of Boston. Kalman works with clients to assess their project and ongoing service needs, including designing brand identities, logos, and full-detail website mockups. He is skilled at planning and implementing browser and user testing, and has a team of talented developers for coding, plugins, and web apps. Kalman also specializes in website administration and training materials for our clients.